When we first started this blog, one of the first questions we got was “Does it matter if you sharpen your gifs before or after you put the coloring on?”

Honestly, it’s up to you. However, I went ahead and tried it out. The gifs on the left were sharpened (note, my type of sharpening differs from most) before the coloring was placed, and the ones on the left were sharpened with the coloring on.

Now, in the first one, it’s the hardest to tell the difference. The only real difference I noticed was a line near her nose looked different.

In the second one, in the sharpened first version, you see less stubble (but that’s also part of my sharpening).

And in the third one, at the end of the gif, you can see a really big difference in the quality of his hat.

Again, this is all completely up to you. Just throwing these out there.

Note: My sharpening consists of using Topaz Detail, and then Topaz Denoise. It works quite well usually. :)

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