elenascupcake’s PSD #1 - [download]

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PSD 032 BY MIXSOUCERS. Feel free to adjust or delete some layers, but respect my work and Don’t redistribute or claim as your own, And like or reblog this post. Here you can find more psds, and here you can request a psd. Thank you and ENJOY!!

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I had nothing to do this morning so I collected all of my favourite fonts from Sherlock. I know some of these are already identified and well-known - but here they are. Very good to save as reference for graphics/edits. 

Here are the download links to the ones who aren’t already installed on your computers, in chronological order (and what they’re mostly used for): 

P22 Johnston Underground Deductions

I AM SHERLOCKED (Free) - Titles

Astoria - John’s voice in Sherlock’s head

AF Generation Z - Text messages and deducitons

The Recon Legend (Free) - Newspapers, headlines.  

P22 Underground Light - Hashtag “#SherlockLives”

Aster EF Medium - Speedy’s. Not sure of this one, but it’s similar. 

Helvetica Neue Pro Cond Bold - London Street signs. 

Clarion Pro Regular - John’s blog header. 

Bebas (Free) - Mayfly man scene

Trajan Pro 3 (Similar free font) - Irene’s website photos

Novin Bold (Similar free font) - Baskerville military base font 

FF Meta Pro Normal - The museum in The  Blink Banker

Shanghai (Free) - The circus’ font in The Blink Banker

I hope this will become useful! 

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PSD 349 by psdteam
A requested psd for Stuck In Love. *Contains vibrance. Contains 2 psds (one for general scenes and one for darker scenes) Do not steal or claim as your own. Like or reblog if you download.


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This sharpen was made for personal use, so if you download it, please like or reblog this post. Don’t redistribute or claim as your own. Keep in mind that notes inspire me to do more, and that you can see my other works here! Thanks, sweeties! 

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Please don’t repost and claim as your own and like or reblog this post if you take. Adjust the layers if you need. Likes always inspire us to make more, don’t forget; → download // DA ♥  

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Psd  #Lea by  forevericons

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Hey guys, we are awfulpsds ◕‿◕
This is psd {18}
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teen wolf coloring #7 [download here]

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