I also made a facebook/general one here.


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  • Like if you download, likes inspire me to make more. Don’t redistribute or claim as your own. 
  • Download here
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five gif psds by sassgarde

  • adjust curves and/or brightness and contrast layers for different scenes/movies for best results
  • works well with most movies, possibly on tv series too, optional dark scene colouring
  • can work on normal screencaps too
  • contains vibrance
  • movies used: the great gatsby, world war z, resident evil, wanted, elysium
  • please do not claim as your own or redistribute
  • have fun!
  • download: 4shared

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Theme 06 by Jenny

  • 500px/400px posts
  • 6 custom links
  • Lazy load
  • 150px wide sidebar image
  • Gradient webkit scrollbar

Do not steal, use as a base code, claim as your own or remove the credit. 

Static preview // Pastebin // Freetexthost

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updated basic gif tutorial (long, picture heavy!)


i’m not the best at explaining things, so if anything is confusing, please do ask for clarification, so i can change it here ok! c:

first of all, you’re going to need a video/movie to gif, photoshop, and a video player to capture the frames from your video/movie. (i recommend kmplayer)

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30(+) Harry Potter psds
A few have two different versions.
Don’t redistribute as your own.
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Download x

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Colouring Tutorial #2



Some anons asked me how I made this gifset. I would post a PSD but each colouring was specific to the scenes I giffed so I’ll just go through the process of how I coloured them :)


(All my blue gifs are over 1MB so I’ll just use a picture)


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Don’t redistribute or claim as your own.

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  • Eighth  texture pack
  • contains 9 textures
  • please do not repost
  • like or reblog if you take
  • enjoy :)
  • Download here/ZIP/@ deviantart

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psd #4 » download

  • a psd for frozen
  • as you can see it works better on well lit scenes
  • contains vibrance
  • adjust the brightness/contrast and selective colour layers
  • please like or reblog if downloading!

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